La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation DUPE!!! It’s Finally Here!

La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation DUPE!!! It’s Finally Here!

La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation SPF 20

Happy Monday Ladies, I have been busy preparing for my book launch on December 1st, 2018 Beauty ReinventedHow to Embrace Your Gray Hair, Upgrade your Self-Confidence and Redefine your Beauty, writing over on Beauty Reinvented blog and launching a new line of loungewear on HSN. It’s been an incredibly busy summer and last four months since I posted on the Fresh Beauty Studio blog. So here I am ready to give you the skinny on my La Mer dupe!

I received so much feedback from you wanting a dupe to the La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation SPF 20 that I have featured on my YouTube videos that it took me months of research to find the right foundation consistency. I went to Sephora, Target, Ulta, CVS you name it I went and bought foundations only to return them after being disappointed with the formulations. I finally found not one, not two but three affordable brands that I think you will love as an alternative to the pricey La Mer foundation.

I picked out three flawless foundations that range from $5.99 to $69.00 I feel totally in love with this foundation. I searched for weightless formulas that were also hydrating yet natural on the skin. I wanted to have antioxidant ingredients, SPF, and wearability. Finding a dupe for La Mer was not an easy feat I have to say. I am so excited to share with you these beautiful skin foundations because I know you won’t be disappointed. I also feature a must-have product if you want a little holiday glow to your skin, it just enough but not too much sheen.

In case you are interested in purchasing the La Mer foundation, I wrote a blog post on why it’s incredible and how much it will cost you on a daily basis (cost per wear always sells me). It’s worth a  peek over on that post; I think you might be surprised with what I have to say.

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