Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler - Le whif Breathable Chocolate

You have been killing yourself on the StairMaster and treadmill, limiting your diet to 3 croutons, 5 pretzels and 10 almonds and of course, no chocolate! Hold on to your scale girls because we welcome with arms wide open (a little CREED in there for all your fans) LE WHIF. What is it? “Breathable chocolate.” Oh yeah baby, you read that right. Each Le Whif tube that resembles a lipstick tube, delivers eight to 10 puffs of an organic flavor: Chocolate, mint chocolate or¬†raspberry chocolate. Tiny tiny particles, too large to enter your lungs, deliver a rich cocoa taste to the tongue and sides of the month. How many calories you ask? Less then one per puff.

Yes, we know there’s nothing like a rich piece of decadent chocolate but when you are trying to fit into a Carolina Herrera bridal dress; this is the next best thing.

Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

A Delicious less than one calorie puff of chocolate!

$8/pack of 3 www.lewhif.com

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