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Love Letters From Palm Beach

Call time 6:00am? Not a problem when your wedding destination is The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.  My beauty team and I were ready to create polished airbrushed  hair and  makeup for my bride Jennifer and her large bridal party of fifteen.  I started out designing the updo for the Mother of the Groom bright and early.  If you didn’t get to see the before and after of the MOG’s trial that I did in the studio click here, its amazing what custom color hair extensions and specialized hair tools can do. We basically re-created the hair that we did at the trial but with a little more height at the crown of the head. I loved how Angie’s look came together when she put on her black sequined mermaid style dress.

Love Letters From Palm Beach

Lobby of The Breakers

Early Morning at The Breakers Hotel

Floral Arrangement in the Lobby

There is nothing like having your wedding at The Breakers, from the impeccable style to the absolute royal treatment from the staff on your wedding day, it basically doesn’t get any better than this. Jennifer decided on a bronzy smokey eye, lots of lashes with her long hair half up and half down. I created some height at the crown of her head to give a bombshell look yet still keeping in the bridal look.

Jennifer had beautiful long thick hair perfect for a romantic bride.

Bride in curlers reading her Love Letter from Chris.

Mother of the Groom before picture of hair.

A beautiful updo for the Mother of the Groom.

Next up on the agenda was the ceremony at the timeless St. Ann’s Cathedral. You can see by the absolutely stunning floral arrangements outside that things were just getting started in the design department, did I mention that there was not one but four of these standing floral vases? I couldn’t wait to get to The Flagler Museum to really get an eye full of glorious wedding decor.

St. Ann’s Cathedral.



Close up of flowers

I wanted you girls to see what the ballroom looked like pre set up, it’s amazing how an empty space an transform into something off the charts within hours. When you are looking around at venues don’t get scared if you are having a hard time picturing the event space all glammed up, that’s why you hire companies like Dalsimer Atlas Florist that turned this space into something magical. Just wait until you scroll down at the end of this post for the Va Va Voom.

The Flagler Museum, Palm Beach Florida

Drop Dead Gorgeous wedding weather.


Pre set up in main ballroom

Ice Bar

I had the pleasure working of again with the amazing Ray Roman and his wife Jessica of Ray Roman Films on this wedding. You will be blown away by the talent that Ray showcases on each and every wedding. Whether he is in Cabo or Miami, Ray gives his Brides and Grooms a little slice of video heaven. Check out his blog here to experience first hand the power of a wedding video when done correctly. Switching gears on the photography front, I can’t wait to see the pictures that Candace took from Serendipity Studios. I am posting away as usual on what I was able to take even though I am always cringing at how not so fabulous my pictures are.

Capturing moments with Ray Roman and team.

OK so are you girls ready to see the magic that TC Event Design (on of the top event coordinators on the east coast) produces for their very special Brides? The ballroom literally transformed into a breath taking site. It was uber romantic, classy and down right sexy.

Created by TC Event Design and Dalsimer Atlas

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