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Make It a Double on The Oil Please!

Double Cleanse

“Make it a Double Please!” is what I say normally at the swanky bar which is not always the best idea; a better idea would be saying “Make it a Double” when it comes to your skin cleansing routine. The “Double Cleanse” is a big buzz word floating around the esthetic world and I am here to share that it really is amazing and WORKS!!!! I have been using oil cleansers since 2000 and haven’t looked back since.

How To Double Cleanse:

Step One:

Traditional oil cleansers are made to be used on dry skin with dry hands. Your deep cleansing oil will completely breakdown makeup, oil, pollution, dirt, sweat, SPF etc, it easily washes away with water with no oily residue. If you are dead set against using an oil cleanser you can try a milky cleanser, the rich cream will melt your makeup without stripping your skin.

Step Two:

This is where you can get personal with what’s going on with your skin. Maybe you are battling a little acne or your skin is feeling ultra dry. Choose a cleanser that is specific to your skin care needs. Your cleanser will now be working on treating your skin condition not trying to breakdown makeup. You will get a deep clean resulting in clearer more beautiful glowing skin.

Here are two of my favorite oil cleansers that I use and love.

Shu Uemura- Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil


Philosophy Purity Oil Cleanser

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Girls, I know we are all super tired sometimes or we stay out super late and the last thing we want to do is wash our face but this little effort pays off BIG time when you have the skin you always wanted. Put in the extra effort and you will be amazed at how your skin looks. You can’t get clear glowing skin without doing the work!

Check out my Tipsy Tuesday segments uploaded every Tuesday.  I have added my latest one below focusing on taking off stubborn makeup. Hope you enjoy!



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