Modern Love with The Stork OTC

Modern Love with The Stork OTC

Modern Love With The Stork OTC - The Stork Conception Aid

by Nikol Johnson

It’s easy to set life goals and achieve them. You study hard in school, pick your top college, kick it like a Girl Boss and graduate top of your class with honors. You decide to be a lawyer, world traveler, fashion stylist, social worker, a teacher. You name it, you dream it, you achieve it.

Why is it so hard to become pregnant?

Welcome to the world of fertility, a world that doesn’t care about your life’s timeline. Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL! Gasp, reality just hit BIG TIME! I know all too well the struggles of creating a baby. You can read all about my journey on my second blog called Not Just a Beauty Blogger or my vlog here. Prepare yourself it’s a long and windy road. My fertility journey is filled with hope, laughter, sadness, loss, strength, faith, humor, beauty and fashion. I set out to document my story because no one was talking about infertility and I knew I wasn’t the only one battling feeling alone and like a complete failure.

Modern Love with The Stork OTC

Enter Modern Love the option to use an advanced at home conception device. My goal for you is never to have to step your gorgeous stiletto into a fertility clinic. I found The Stork OTC on a random trip to CVS in 2015. I was attracted instantly to the brochure it looked inviting, non-threating and something that I could manage. I have been using The Stork OTC since 2015 when I wasn’t doing IVF treatments.

What is The Stork OTC?

Modern Love with The Stork OTC

The Stork OTC is an FDA approved uniquely designed innovative device you use at home during ovulation to assist your chances of becoming pregnant. This method uses cervical cap insemination. A recently published clinical study demonstrated that in 85% of subjects The Stork OTC delivered 3.23 times the sperm score value within cervical mucus compared to natural intercourse and presented a greater concentration of sperm to targeted cervical mucus than natural intercourse. Take it form a woman that went through 2 IUI’s, 5 IVF cycles, 1 PGS FET and over five hundred injections. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give yourself the extra push by using The Stork OTC before you move forward with your fertility journey. {Sidebar here: I am not telling you what to do nor am I bypassing an actual diagnosis that you might have. My blog post is about my experience and what I feel is a great first step in creating your dream to have a baby.} OK back to original programming. Clearly I am not a doctor or nurse, but I do know being proactive about your fertility, doing your research and fueling yourself with knowledge is a power move in an industry that is not covered by insurance.

Modern Love with The Stork OTC

I was shocked how little I knew about my body, ovulation, basal body temperature, ovaries, and endometriosis. You can’t be in the dark about how your body works. One of the books I read that I feel every woman should enlighten themselves with is called “Is Your Body Baby Friendly?” by Dr. Alan E. Beer. It’s one of the books that gave me the information I needed to schedule a laparoscopy which revealed that I had stage three endometriosis. I pushed for the laparoscopy for two years while going through all the IVF treatments but was denied. This surgery is an example why you have to do your research.

Modern Love with The Stork OTC

Modern love is about taking control of what you can with your fertility journey. Don’t sit back expecting doctors to give you all the information. Step up and do your research, educate yourself, use The Stork OTC in the privacy of your home stress-free. Now is the time to be the Boss of your fertility ladies.

Modern women are bold, passionate about their choices, fearless, powerful and extremely bright. Take control of what you can and don’t look back. For a limited time purchase The Stork OTC online here for a discounted rate.

*Not sponsored or endorsed by The Stork OTC, I write on products that I use myself my opinions are always 100% authentic.

Modern Love with The Stork OTC


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