My Top 10 Makeup Palettes

My Top 10 Makeup Palettes

Top 10 Makeup Palettes

I am excited that I finally filmed a video on the top 10 makeup palettes that I use the most both in the studio and in my personal makeup kit.  I find it incredibly challenging to not be overwhelmed with just how many cosmetic brands are out there not to mention all the new up and coming brands.  I am constantly changing up my makeup whether it is trying out totally obscure indie brands or falling into all the hype and buying the latest and greatest from a known brand.  Palettes are my favorite though when it comes to makeup, I like that I can open one thing and have a multitude of colors just waiting for me to experiment with.

Each palette that I show you in the video are actual palettes that I have had great success with in the studio on my clients. I am very partial to Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette since it always produces that gorgeous radiant ethereal bride (you can see by me hitting the pan in 2 colors which are my favorites).

Top 10 Makeup Palettes Featured in this video:

10. Cargo “Vintage Escape”-no longer available

9. Too Faced “Pretty Rebel” 

8. Urban Decay Naked Palette

7. Stila “Not So Nude” (great value only $20 a Ulta)

6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

5. Urban Decay “Vice 2” Palette-Sold Out but click HERE for similar

4. Too Faced ‘Boudoir Eyes”

3. Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” Palette

2. Urban Decay “Smoked” Palette

1. Lorac Pro Palette

If you have been thinking about buying a new palette I hope this video helps you make an educated decision. If you are curious about a makeup palette that I did not feature in my video leave a comment below.  I most probably have it and can give you some advice on if it’s a good investment to your beauty library.

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