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Naked Showdown: Urban Decay Naked Skin vs. Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Vs. Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation

Naked Showdown: Urban Decay Naked Skin vs. Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation

I was so excited to do this review for you girls on my YouTube Beauty Channel. I find it to be incredibly hard to understand all the products that are out on the market and this is coming from me, a multi media makeup artist and Esthetician with over 13 years in the industry. It seems like each day 4 new companies find an end cap at Sephora or Ulta.  You can spend thousands of dollars on products that really are not right for you because of little to no reviews on that product or you have trouble finding information on ingredients, coverage, wear-ability etc.

If you have been following my YouTube channel or blog for sometime you probably have noticed that I am changing the direction of my channel.  I redesigned my whole studio set (you can see daily pictures on my Instagram account) and upgraded all my technical equipment from cameras, editing, backgrounds to deliver HD quality videos that will enhance your beauty routine, cosmetic bag and how you apply makeup. I want you girls to understand before you buy your next foundation, eyeshadow, skin care product what exactly is in it and what it offers you. My channel is created for YOU so Speak Up, Leave Comments on my channel, Facebook and Blog. Make sure you sign up for my monthly Fresh Beauty Buzz Newsletter.

Let me know what you really want to know about in makeup and skin care, what makes you nuts when standing in Sephora surrounded by 1000 products. At the moment, my beauty channel is more boutique right now, I am able to respond to all my comments and questions which means you can get answers, custom tutorials and help with just about anything beauty related.

I hope you enjoy my Naked Showdown: Urban Decay Naked Skin vs. Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation review below and it helps you find the perfect foundation for your skin this summer.

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