Natural Makeup for Mature Women | Makeup Tutorial

Natural Makeup for Mature Women | Makeup Tutorial

I loved creating this look; not only did I open up my video with a little out of the norm dancing routine in my palm tree Beauty Cabana complete with a little Rose wine, but I had fun. It’s all about letting loose in 2021 and enjoying yourself, your beauty, and your life.

Natural Makeup for Mature Women | Makeup Tutorial

You requested that I list all the products used in this video on my blog so you can click through and not have to be going back and forth from YouTube to my website. This is my first makeup tutorial in 2021, teaching you how to Power Up your makeup in the new year and look fresh, not younger. You all know how I feel about the statement “Look Younger” I filmed a video on why you don’t have to look younger last year. I am deeply passionate about rewriting the rules for mature women, which starts with not having to “Look Younger.”

Products in order of appearance in video:


Robe: PatBo


Necklace: Tiffany & Co

Coco Floss:

Caudalie Radiance Serum:

Elemis Face Primer:

Mineral SPF 50:

Essential Makeup Brush Kit:

Eye & Lip Primer:

Eyeshadow Palette:

Liquid Shimmer:

Cream Eye Liner in Dark Brown:


Eyelash Curler

Heated Eyelash Curler

Brow Fixx in Cocoa

No Redness Beauty Stix

Just Peachy Color Corrector Beauty Stix

BB Cream I used Fair and Light:

Blush Palette “My Private Island”:

Nikita Banana Color Correcting Powder:

Vit E Lip Treatment:

Lip Liner in Cameo:

Lipstick New for January 2021 “Figure it Out” :

Lip gloss Double Down:

Lash Serum I Use:

Brow Serum I Use:

Hope you enjoy this new natural look for 2021 its my go-to when I want to look gorgeous but without wearing tons of makeup.

Nikol Johnson
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