New Eye Shadow Palettes

New Eye Shadow Palettes

New Eye Shadow Palettes By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

New Eye Shadow Palettes

A must have palette for your eye color. Fresh Beauty Studio Palettes featured in this video are all $39 and available on

Behind these hazel eyes (what I was wearing in the video)

Baby’s got Blue Eyes

Brown Eyed Girl

Green Eyed Lady

Amazing 5 well palette for any girl that loves makeup and wants colors that are perfect for her eye color.

Also featured from Fresh Beauty Studio Cosmetics:

FBS Long Lasting high gloss in Go Bare $18

FBS Prime Time primer for eyes and lips $20

FBS Blush 6 well palette in Peach $49

Stella & Dot necklace and ring called Camilla

Ring $49

Necklace $178

Beyond traditional makeup in Florida Nikol is a certified permanent makeup artist having attended the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in Los Angeles (IIPC) under the direction of Susan Church. This has given Nikol the advance skills and competitive edge to create natural looking permanent makeup. In addition to creating beauty in her studio, Nikol travels the country speaking at different conferences each year about anti-aging skin care, cosmetics, and social media.


  • First time watching your video. I enjoyed all the info!! I have never used a primer and would like to purchase one. Do you sell one??

    Joan Davis

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