Get Ready To Be Gorgeous|New Makeup Classes

Get Ready To Be Gorgeous|New Makeup Classes

Get Ready To Be Gorgeous | New Makeup Classes

I am so excited to launch my new makeup classes for fall this month.  The new makeup classes I have designed have been created specifically from the feedback I have received from all of you online, in studio and on location.  So whether you are looking to create a simple everyday look or you have a big event coming up, being able to have a one on one personalized class will help you achieve your makeup goals.

When you book makeup classes with me you are getting personal one on one attention.  I will help you create your perfect look whether that is a basic face or a red carpet event look.  In all my classes I will apply makeup to one side of your face and you will do the other side using my professional guidance and techniques.  I make each of my classes fun and not intimidating. Enjoy a glass of champange, espresso or a cool glass of sparkling water while you learn how to take your look and skills to the next level.  You can choose from the following classes being offered and purchase by clicking  HERE.

**Once you buy your makeup classes online you will be able to either schedule your appointment via our online booking system found on our homepage or you can call the studio to set up a convenient time that works with your schedule.

2014 Classes
Basic Face

Are you looking to create a basic face from foundation to eye shadows?  Maybe you have products but just don’t know how to use them.  Nikol will guide you through creating a beautiful basic face that will be your go to look for everyday. Feel confident each morning when you wake up to do your makeup knowing that you are applying each and every product you have correctly. This class comes with your own makeup starter kit which includes foundation, 5 well eye shadow palette, eye liner, lip gloss and lip pencil. 60 minutes $99.00

Day To Night

OK you have your day look covered but are not sure how to go from day to evening without completely redoing your entire face.  This class is excellent for working girls that go from work to cocktails or from work to an evening work event.  Nikol will do a basic face makeup look for you then show you how you can take your basic look and bump it up for evening with pro tips.  Nikol’s style is about making this look achievable and user friendly, you don’t want to be spending loads of time getting ready when you have been working all day.  This class includes the application of false lashes for a more refreshed look after hours. 60 minutes $125

Red Carpet/Special Event Makeup

Do you have a wedding, reunion, promotion or black tie event coming up? This class is designed to let you in on all the celebrity makeup secrets. Be prepared to learn how to create lots of glam, lashes and some contouring of your face.  This class will teach you how to prep your skin prior to a big event and other beauty necessities to get ready for a knock out entrance.  Nikol has a unique style of creating and  teaching you how to apply makeup so you don’t look like you are wearing tons of makeup or over doing it. You will master the art of applying false lashes in this class; always a red carpet must have.  This class is a great way to feel confident with that smokey eye or bold red lip, two amazing looks that are highly requested for big events. This class comes with your red carpet glam kit from oil blotting papers, pre loaded eye makeup remover Q-tips, false lashes and more. 75 minutes $175.00

Custom Class

A great makeup class for you if you are looking to concentrate on areas of your makeup routine that you feel you just can’t get. Maybe you have hooded eyes or you are working with aging skin and you want to look completely flawless but don’t know how to make it all come together. This is a class where YOU get to design every aspect of your time with Nikol. It’s the perfect opportunity to create your signature look and find out what Nikol’s top makeup and skin care products are. Class comes with a custom makeup kit. 120 minutes $250.00

**Classes are held Tuesday-Friday by appointment only.

Get Ready To Be Gorgeous | New Makeup Classes

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