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If you told me last year at the start of my infertility journey that my story would be featured on another infertility blog I would have said “YOU’RE CRAZY.”  As I have mentioned in my videos and on my blog, I never thought I would  go public about my journey.  I think to myself each day how many women I would have not met because I felt ashamed, alone and “the only one” going through this. You can keep up with my IVF journey by going to my other blog “Not Just A Beauty Blogger.”

If I kept my journey secret and didn’t create my blog I would have missed out on meeting  Lisa the creator ofAmateur Nester the blog I found on Pinterest when I was looking for inspiration.

I found Lisa’s 31 Days of Prayer through Infertility and included it in one of my blog posts.  The community  of women going through Infertility on Instagram, YouTube, Blogs and Facebook is so powerful and I am proud to be a part of it.
Fresh Beauty Studio is a unique makeup and hair studio where you can create the best version of yourself, while still looking like yourself. The second you step into the ultra-feminine pink studio, sit back in our pink styling chairs with a gorgeous glass of bubbly, you will not want to leave. What’s fabulous is that we not only create beautiful flawless hair and airbrush makeup but have a full menu of beauty services from facials, expert brow waxing, Xtreme Lashes and natural permanent makeup.

To read my full story on Beauty and Infertility by Amateur Nester click HERE.

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