Not Just A Pretty Bling + GIVEAWAY!!

Not Just A Pretty Bling + GIVEAWAY!!

Not Just A Pretty Bling

October is National Domestic Violence Month and I am ready to BlingSting all my girlfriends, Mother, Sister, Aunt and of course Granny with the cutest pepper spray to ever hit the market. Ohhhhh I can’t forget my mail-girl, nail tech, stylist, dog walker am I forgetting anyone? Oh yes, the babysitter the list could go on and on and on.

I think our society is completely consumed with social media, electronics, texting non-stop. I am sure you have seen people walking with their IPADS attached to their face, looking down at  their cell phones (because you know it’s SOOOOO muy important) while driving, walking the dog, the morning jog.  Can we please take a walk without having a phone attached to our ears?  I can’t tell you how many times someone has run smack into me because of their electronic devise. All of these things are an invitation for a creeper to surprise you when you are completely unaware.  Yes, the social media craze is funny at times but being attacked at the supermarket, in front of our house or at the mall is no laughing matter.  Now checking in on TMZ doesn’t seem that important huh?

I am proud to carry BlingSting in our makeup studio and online store this month,  it’s “The Cutest Protection” a girl can buy. BlingSting believes in being a girl, they believe in glitter, crying at the movies, wearing pink, spending most of a paycheck on shoes (Hello Jimmy Choo) and once a month, eating a good majority of that pint of ice cream (OK maybe just a bite, um OK the whole thing). All of this while being confident, prepared, and most importantly aware. Beauty AND Brains?  Now that is something that never goes out of style.

Not Just A Pretty Bling + GIVEAWAY!!

BlingSting comes in 4 glamorous blinged out colors from Black, Red, Pink and Silver. You can clip then on to your keys, purse, backpack or Pokie’s leash. What I love is that no one knows you are “Packing some heat” disguised in all the bling, now that’s Pepper Spray heat ladies!

Not Just A Pretty Bling + GIVEAWAY!!

I know how you girls LOVE a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY on all the fun indie companies I stalk and carry in my makeup studio, so of course I partnered with the glam girls at BlingSting to offer a free PINK BlingSting! To enter is easy check it out below, just follow me on Instagram @freshbeautystudio and BlingSting on Twitter @love_blingsting, and Tweet or Retweet our Giveaway and your in. I will be announcing the winner on Instagram next Wednesday October 23rd, 2014. Good Luck!
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