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Not Your Mother’s Bra Straps

How many times has someone come up to you and moved your bra strap under your shirt or dress? Yeah, I know one too many.

2017 is the year of the shoulder; it’s all about showing your bare skin and bra straps. Yes! That’s right you can liberate yourself and let your bra straps OUT! Gone are the days of looking down feeling like a hot mess and desperately trying to tuck in your bra strap. Not only can you showcase your bra straps you can do it in New York Fashion Week style. Enter Bra-serie a woman based company that is reinventing the bra strap. Hallelujah girls hallelujah.

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and ran across a friend of mine that was wearing the black studded bra straps. I thought I must have these! Sexy shoulders have been overlooked for some time now. We think of cleavage and legs before we ever think of showing off our bare shoulders. There is a reason that you see the off the shoulder trend going on right now. It’s sexy, feminine and the styling possibilities are endless. Off the shoulder sweaters, T-Shirts, crop tops, one-shouldered top you name it there are plenty.

The black box collection features three different styles of bra straps. From gold studded, gold and black rope to black lace. The black box is the perfect collection for the girl that likes to stand out and make a statement. Mix and match with off the shoulder sweaters, tank tops and flowy blouses.

If you are looking for something a little more, 50 Shades of Grey no worries the Grey Box Collection will fill all your fantasy’s from a studded grey strap to a little ruffle. I am wearing the ruffle bra strap paired with a white off the shoulder dress below. I love grey and white together for spring it’s refreshing yet not expected.

If you are more of an ultra feminine type of girl the Neutral Box is all yours. Lace lace and more lace is the theme of this box.

It’s time to revolutionize your bra straps and make them the star of your outfit. Forget hiding your bra straps under your shirt or feeling embarrassed that they are showing. Bra-Serie is offering my readers 15% their purchase by using code NIKOLBRA at checkout. I love that I can take my basic black sweater pull it off one shoulder and showcase my fashion forward bra strap.

Gone are the days of ugly old dated bra straps. Embrace the new standard of showing off your Bra-Serie.

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