NYX Face Awards and Nikol Johnson

NYX Face Awards and Nikol Johnson

Pretty & Polished Bridal Makeup Look

NYX Face Awards

I knew it was cutting it close uploading my Indian Bridal Makeup tutorial on the day that the NYX Face Awards 2013 contest ended but creating a video that tells a story, shooting in studio and on location, applying henna, learning how to wrap a sari, cultural research, voice over, transitions, writing copy and all my creative powers takes time. Last night was like a movie sitting in front of the computer so proud that we finished this amazing project, knowing it was so different and really was thinking outside the box to have “Error Corrupt File” come on the screen over and over; we almost died!!!! Are you kidding? Is this really happening? Pacing around like we had $100,000 on Red, thinking…..thinking….and more thinking.  We tried every render that Adobe had then went to Live Chat to have a super tech take over our screen at 2am with no luck.

If you are not familiar with NYX Cosmetics they are having their annual Face Awards Contest. The contest is open to anyone that loves makeup, creates a video tutorial and uploads it to YouTube along with their contest submission form. NYX will select 30 beauty guru’s to move to the next challenge. These 30 contestants will begin their journey competing over the next couple months with 3 themed video makeup challenges. The judges will narrow it down each challenge until there are only 6 beauty guru’s left. These final 6 will compete out in Los Angeles for their final makeup look on a model and have a chance to win $25,000. So you can see where the sleepless nights editing, not eating and then sheer terror set in last night.

Luckily I had my 3 Minute Smokey Eye Beauty Tutorial from January that I uploaded to the contest, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out you can see it below. If you like what you see make sure you “LIKE” “THUMBS UP” and SHARE the video, this will help move me towards qualifying through the first round. We have not given up on our epic Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial we will be uploading/trouble shooting tonight, here is a sneak peek of the look I created from one of the video clips.

Indian Bridal Makeup



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