Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

There are so many beauty mishaps that can happen at the last minute during all the excitement in your bridal suite, don’t get caught without your bridal essential beauty kit. As an international bridal makeup and hair stylist, I have worked behind the scenes with our brides on countless weddings from the Bahamas to New York City.  I created a little Bridal Must Have Beauty Kit that you should have by your side to stay relaxed and beautiful.  Print the list below out and give it to your MOH, enjoy your special wedding day STRESS FREE!!!!

Makeup Essentials:

1. Blotting papers (I love  Hollywood Fashion Tape Blotting papers $9.95 found on our website Click Here)

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Hollywood Blotting Papers sold at

2. Pre loaded makeup remover Q-Tips by Almay.

3. Eye Drops to take out the redness from tears.  Rohto Cool Eye Drops found at the drugstore. Celebrity Makeup Artist secret who have to make their clients look great despite red eye flights, late-night premiere parties and of course the unexpected cold.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Loved by Makeup Artists for White Eyes

4. Tissues!  I am a huge fan of tissues that have the Eiffel tower or Kisses on them.  I bought mine at Pier 1 $1.00.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Cute Tissues from Pier 1

Hair Mishaps:

1. Hair Spray, I use Frederic Fekkai mini spray.  It’s small and easy to slip into my wedding clutch.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Frederic Fekkai

2. Extra bobby pins for up-dos (make sure before you leave your stylists chair that you do the “Jump” test. You want your style to make it through all those sexy moves you will show your new husband on the dance floor).

3. Compact mirror like this French one I bought for my wedding called  “Let Them Eat Cake” bought on Etsy $15.00.   It’s perfect for a quick check to see that you don’t have any green in your teeth, or to touch up your lip gloss.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

So Girly and French

4. Mini comb, to keep all those flyaway’s in check.

Must Haves in Your Bridal Suite:

1. Nail file in case you break, chip or snag your nail.

2. Dry shampoo to keep underarms and back sweat free.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo THE BEST!

3. Band-Aids, I have the sequined ones from Sephora for a little extra bling.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Bling Band Aids found at Sephora

4. Krazy Glue for any last minute shoe issues.

5. Double sided tape

6. Safety Pins

7. Feminine hygiene items (this is also a great idea to have in your venue’s bathroom baskets)

8.. White chalk to cover any stains.

9. Mouthwash

For Your Close-Up:

1. FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS you can never go wrong with always having floss in your purse.

2. Mints for all those fabulous picture perfect kisses.

3. Sample size of your wedding day fragrance like Fracas. This is a lifesaver when you have just been kicking it on the dance floor for 2 hours.

Prepare Yourselves Beautiful Brides!

Robert Piquet Fracas Parfum

4. For pre wedding nerves keep handy some Antacid, Aspirin and Pepto-Bismol.

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