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Dazzling Holiday mini Gift Set-For Eyes

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Dazzling Holiday mini Gift Set-For Eyes

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Glitter graces every look this season. Mixing textures of glossy shimmery eyes. It’s easy to make a grand entrance¬†with this Dazzling sophisticated¬†eye set. Gorgeous enhancement to any look. This is not a powder it is a lightly wet formulation that glides on the skin. Can give a very sheer sheen of glitter or full impact depending on your application.

How to use:

Swipe the wand over your eye shadow or wear alone. You control how much drama you want on your eyes.

Use an eyeliner-Take an eyeliner brush dip into the glitter and run across top or bottom eye line.

Comes packaged in the mini black sequin cosmetic bag with a fluffy key chain poof.




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Weight 5.8 oz


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