Extreme Cancel Color Corrector Trifecta Dark Circles

Extreme Cancel Color Corrector Trifecta Dark Circles

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Extreme Cancel Color Corrector Trifecta Dark Circles


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Back and Reformulated as a Trifecta! I decided to make this new formulation encased in a lipstick tube for ease of application under the eyes. NiKOL Cosmetics wants you to always have options, and this color gives you three, use under eyes, on lips, or cheeks.

Because it’s packaged in a lipstick tube, the packaging will say lipstick. I have formulated this under-eye corrector specifically with Vitamin E to keep the under-eye hydrated and not dry.

You can use Extreme Cancel as a color corrector under the eyes, as seen in this Corrective Under-Eye Tutorial HERE, or you can use it as a lipstick or cream blush.

Corrects blue, deep purple, gray under-eye circles with the Extreme Cancel. This is a color corrector that will neutralize your under eyes and prepare them for your concealer. You can also use the Extreme Cancel to brighten up your cheeks as a cream blush, and if you want a bold lip, use it as lipstick. You will see how I used F.B.S. lipstick as a blush in my Fierce Aging Video with Hilary; click HERE to watch the video.

A creamy, extreme pigment that is long-lasting but lightweight texture evens out skin tones and helps create a flawless look.

It is infused with antioxidant Vitamin E to smooth and enrich the under-eye area, lips, or cheeks.
A medium to complete coverage formula.

How to use: Apply directly to the skin under the eyes with a concealer brush for precision application. Blend into the skin by pressing your fingertips to smooth out any hard edges. Follow with your foundation and concealer blending with a Beauty Blender.



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