Not Overlooked Eyeshadow Palette

Not Overlooked Eyeshadow Palette

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2021 Motto: Not Overlooked


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Let’s just say this is a Bold, Fierce, and Unapologetic eyeshadow palette. Each time you go to apply this eyeshadow you will remember that you are stepping into your power as a woman. You will not be limited by beauty rules, you will not allow someone to tell you that you need to change and you will not allow negative self-talk. This is a beautiful soft feminine eyeshadow palette that I created for you this spring, I am totally obsessed with it and think you will be too.

I wanted this to be a natural everyday palette that you could wear daytime and for the evening. Pairs nicely with Dark Chocolate Waterproof eyeliner pencil and Embrace Lipgloss with Cameo lip liner.

3-Well Palette made up of one matte eyeshadow and 2 soft sheen eyeshadows.

From left to right:

Matte Eyeshadow in a Soft Pale Pink

High Shine Dark Pink Champagne

Super Rich Brown Sheen


  • triple milled
  • highly pigmented
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Soft Velvet finish to the eye


Weight 2.2 oz


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