The Amplifeye System

The Amplifeye System

Unlock and maximize your true lash and brow potential with The Amplifeye System. A holistic, two-tiered regimen, comprised of Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier and Supplement, fortifies and nourishes from the inside and outside, for stronger, longer, and more abundant lashes and brows. Used together, both products work in synergy to provide key nutrients essential for achieving even more remarkable results. This system includes:

Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier (0.17oz/5mL) – A topical lash and brow enhancer, supercharged with 3 proven peptide complexes and 10 antioxidant botanicals. Utilizing a liposomal delivery system, amino acid-rich peptides and antioxidants are carried to the follicle level to promote cell rejuvenation and healthier lash and brow growth.

Amplifeye Lash & Brow Supplement (60 day supply) – A daily supplement comprised of B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals designed to nourish, strengthen, and reinforce optimal lash and brow growth from within. Targeting all 3 phases of hair growth, this formula enhances circulation for effective delivery and absorption of ingredients.

How to Use Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier – Cleanse and rinse eye area and brows thoroughly and let dry before application. Apply every night before bed. For rapid results, use morning (let dry before makeup application) and night. Secure cap tightly after each use. Amplifeye Lash & Brow Supplement – Take one packette (2 pills) daily with a substantial meal. Can be taken along with your existing multivitamins.

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