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I received the PUR Eye Polish collection from PUR Minerals in the mail the other day to review. I was delighted to see that I received the full collection of six Eye Polishes to test out and experience their color range. This is not your typical eyeshadow that you normally grab in the morning. PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish is an eye base + top coat with a Latex-free silicone application brush. Each Eye Polish is .28 fl oz and comes in a clear pot with a color coordinating top retailing for $26.00 each.

You can see from the picture above the vibrant color options you get with this new collection. The creamy color sits on a mesh-like material for just the right amount of product on the silicone brush. The brush is unique as it does not hold on to the color like a synthetic brush would. It applies the creamy Eye Polish color in a very precise and even way.

{PUR Cosmetics Packaging}


{Color of the packaging matches what’s inside}


{Colors from Left to Right: Cashmere, Satin, Silk, Suede, Caviar, Velvet}

As you can see from the swatch of colors above these Eye Polishes are super pigmented with a luminous metallic sheen. I have been using the lighter colors alone and the darker colors as a base shadow.  The Eye Polishes allow you to create exceptional color.

Color Description:

Pur Cosmetics does not test on animals.

I found this product to be innovative with formulation and application. I love these bright metallic colors for the upcoming holiday season. They are vibrant, sexy and fully customizable. If I had to choose one color that would be a staple in my makeup kit it would be the color Satin, you could never go wrong with a sheer pink. I will be creating with these amazing colors for some of my upcoming beauty videos on my YouTube channel.



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