Ready, Set Gorgeous! Cover Girl Review

Ready, Set Gorgeous! Cover Girl Review

Ready, Set Gorgeous

Ready, Set Gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, seriously how many foundations have you bought from the drugstore that were completely the wrong color or just not the right formulation?  I have done this probably fifty times thinking that each time will be different.  I stopped into Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday to pick up some fabulous half-caff coffee (yes, I am trying to lower my crazy caffeine intake). I am waiting for the day that cosmetic companies start providing testers at drugstores, you would think that in 2014 there would be some system in place for mainstream lines to be tested before purchased.  There is no way to know if a foundation color in the bottle will match your skin without trying the product.  So there I stand contemplating on what color to buy, 105/110 or the 110/120 or wait maybe the 205/210 you see my point. Ready, Set Gorgeous is a new product line from Cover Girl that launched this past spring, I was intrigued by the name of it, so I bought it.  I settled on the 115 (buff beige) Foundation, and the 110/120 concealer both are a pretty good match for my skin tone, a complete gamble, but it worked out this time.  Don’t be fooled by the $5.89 price tag this foundation is a winner in my book.  I didn’t have any expectations nor did I do any research on the product before I bought it.

Ready, Set Gorgeous! Ready, Set Gorgeous! Ready, Set Gorgeous!

Foundation Stats:

  • Liquid Foundation
  • Oil Free
  • Blends easily
  • Lasts all day
  • Easy one step application
  • Won’t clog pores

My Experience (Pro’s)

  • Ultra rich and creamy texture
  • Blends well with skin
  • Even application
  • Feels refreshing and crisp
  • Inexpensive under $6.00

My Con’s

  • Small squeeze tube (1oz)
  • No testers to be able to match your skin tone at time of purchase

The concealer was also on my hot list with a creamy texture, easy built-in wand for application but the shade numbers are a bit confusing. For example, they range from 105/110, 110/120 with the basic “fair”, “deep” under the number.  It was a shot in the dark if the foundation or concealer color I picked would work for me. Check out my video below to hear more about these products.

Nikol Johnson Professional Makeup Artist, Fresh Beauty Studio, Destination Weddings


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