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REN Perfect Canvas Serum Review

REN Perfect Canvas Serum Review - Skin Finishing Serum

Skin serums are a tricky product to love. I have found you either like them or dislike them. Clients always ask me in my makeup classes if they should be using a skin primer and I have always answered No until now.

I received REN Perfect Canvas skin finishing primer last month after stalking REN’s Instagram account drooling over the product name “Perfect Canvas.” I didn’t know anything about the product but with a name like Perfect Canvas how could I resist I HAD to test it for myself. I should start out by telling you why I would even consider trying a product from REN Clean Skincare. First off, the company from the UK is cutting edge promoting a smarter skincare line which delivers high performance with visible results. REN avoids skin’s unfriendly, toxic ingredients like parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances. They don’t test on animals and are committed to improving the earth with recyclable products.

REN Perfect Canvas Serum doesn’t classify as your typical “makeup primer” but more as a skin finishing serum. It is designed to be applied after your moisturizer which is unique. Its lightweight and is silicone free giving your skin moisture balance and lifting. Packed with pro-biotics that smooth and enhance the skin’s structure by encouraging surface cell renewal (has Citric Acid and Lactic Acid). Infused with Agave extract that primes the skin for the perfect canvas for makeup application. 100% natural fragrance is the only scent you will find in REN’s products.

I am busy shooting with my photographer each month and working On Air as a Beauty Expert for  HSN; it’s essential for me to have great skin primed and hydrated before I put on my foundation. I was a little skeptical when I first tried REN Perfect Canvas Serum. I was expecting it to be heavy and make my foundation roll off my skin (yes, this has happened to me in the past with other products). I use two to three drops from the dropper applicator in my hand and press into my skin over my lightweight moisturizer. It has a cooling effect on my skin, a mild aroma that reminds me of the beach. The product feels a little tacky when first applied but disappears within ten to fifteen seconds. The serum becomes silky smooth on my skin, and then I use my foundation. I love how smooth my skin looks when I apply my foundation.

Photo: Rick Gomez Photography

I was amazed at how this product delivered. You don’t have to be wearing makeup to use the Perfect Canvas Serum you can add a couple of drops into your moisturizer and skip the foundation. A bonus for all you breakout girls, this product boosts skin’s immune system resulting in fewer breakouts! Now that’s a perfect canvas.



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