Round two Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Round two Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Round two Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Round two Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

My possible wedding shoes by Oscar de la Renta

I received an email from Ever After a Couture wedding dress boutique in Miami announcing their annual designer wedding dress sample sale.  WOW!! What perfect timing, I cleared my schedule for the morning and rushed down for my early appointment, as you know first come first serve with sample sales.  When I walked in to Ever After it was very chi chi with Louboutian, Carolina Herrera and Grace Ormonde coffee table books out for perusal.  I flipped through a couple books for inspiration and looked around at all the Couture gowns from Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Ines Di Santo (one of my favorite designers) and Oscar de la Renta to name just a few.  I was offered a glass of bubbly while I picked out dresses which always make everything seem that much more glamorous.  I wasn’t thrilled thinking about buying a sample dress that had been tried on by 500 brides, soiled, torn etc. my main motivation to visit Ever After was to go to a bridal boutique that had all the main Couture designers.  I picked out about 8 dresses and started trying on which is somewhat of a workout.  I was delighted to find in my dressing room 5 different heels (in my size believe it or not) by Oscar de la Renta to Mononlo waiting to be worn.  I slipped on a little number by Oscar as you can see in the picture above and fell in love. Dress number 4 was the ultimate classic wedding dress by Oscar de la Renta which we all agreed fit my body and style perfectly.  The wedding dress had exquisite hand embroidery, the matching veil was French toile with a scaloped edge that matched the slimming mermaid style dress.

Round two Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Oscar de la Renta

I am finding that the more dresses you try on the more confused you get.  I had one of my dear friends Jennifer from meet me to help give advice, thoughts and share a glass of celebratory bubbly.  I don’t suggest trying on dresses by yourself, you need the support from your family and or friends to help guild you.  Jennifer took pictures of me in each dress because when I was on number 8 I was like “What did number 3 look like on?” “Did I like it?”.  Make sure you take pictures and review them after you are finished.  I was surprised that I liked some dresses better on then in the picture, something you don’t want to say when you are editing your wedding pictures.

I am getting closer to finding the perfect wedding dress, I have my eye on a beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown right now so I am hoping by my next wedding dress blog update I will confirm that I placed my order.

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