Royal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog

Royal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog

Royal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog

I am so excited to create and post my first travel vlog on my YouTube channel and right here on my blog. This was my first cruise that I wasn’t working on as a model.  I have previously had the good fortune to be booked on two different commercials for Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise line.

I couldn’t wait to take this Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean adventure on “The Liberty of The Seas” ship with my husband this past weekend.  We have had a stressful first quarter of 2015 with our two failed rounds of IVF. We were looking for a change of scenery and some much needed stress relief. We did almost everything you could do on the boat from rock climbing, getting competitive on the basketball court, laying out, spa, disco, specialty dining etc.

I love trying out new products that are sent to me when I am on vacation. It allows me the time to really experience the product(s) without all the distractions of my own cosmetics and skin care.  I took along a couple of new products that I feature in my travel vlog below.

I was on a mission to get super textured, beachy waves this past weekend. I tested out Marc Anthony Cosmetics “Dream Waves Beach Spray.”  I loved how this product smelled like coconuts and wasn’t heavy. I got lots of texture and a sexy tousled look with my hair.

Royal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog

Royal Caribbean Cruise + VlogRoyal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog


You can see how we enjoyed our Royal Caribbean cruise adventure in my vlog below.


Royal Caribbean Cruise + Vlog


  • looks like you had a great , relaxing well deserved vacation . I keep you both in my prayers. Thank you for sharing a special bonding time with all of us.

    cheryl Locke

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