Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

The incredible year 2022 is here. Are you ready? Last year I welcomed you into my Beauty Cabana, a room with that Palm Beach tropical banana leaf vibe, but for 2022 it seems a bit busy, and I wanted a fresh rosy glow. I concentrated on my Youtube and short content for most of 2021 but missed writing and connecting with you on my blog! I can’t believe it’s been four years since I published my book “Beauty Reinvented.” We are starting the New Year in the pink Rose/Peony Room (prepare yourself for pink overload). I add fresh roses to the tables each week. It’s bright, cheery,  and of course, stocked with my favorite Rose wine, Rose tea, and Rose champagne with tons of good vibes. If I go missing on YouTube and Instagram, you know where to find me. After two years of negativity from all angles, I felt that I would create a room that inspired me and was “So Nikol.” I think I have accomplished my goal. For the last two years, I have been working hard on self-care, from meditation to writing in my 90-day manifestation workbook and bible study to working out with Peleton and Mellisa Wood Health. I am eating Sakara, a plant-based organic diet that arrives at my doorstep each week and focuses on the good in life. You can find my wellness secrets over on my YouTube channel.

Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

Pink Skirt Suit Vintage Chanel 1994 | Top: Nina Ricci 


Fresh Beauty StudioSo what can you expect to see on my blog in 2022? I will be publishing a new blog post on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. My blog is a place to share my insights on other beauty and fashion topics, inspiration, life updates, etc. Not everything can be put into a YouTube video or posted on Instagram, and I love that. Writing has always been cathartic and a way to express me; take my four years of going through IVF, I don’t think I would have made it through without creating a blog and writing out all the emotions, ups, and downs for that life journey.

I can’t stress the importance of creating a space that you thrive in and making time for yourself both mentally and physically. Setting up boundaries and a morning routine is life-changing. I will detail all the tools I have been using at the end of this blog post for you as a reference. Every morning when I wake up (5-4-3-2-1, thank you, Mel Robins), I walk through the Rose/Peony Room, and I feel alive. There is something about pink, green, the freshness that flowers bring to any space. I sashay over to the Nespresso machine for my morning cappuccino lol just kidding, I walk, but sometimes I do glide makes me feel a little more glamorous. Sit down and take it all in. I guess you could consider this room not only my temporary YouTube set (as we are in the middle of some significant house and studio renovations, more on that in later posts) but as my mediation/wellness room.

Nikol Cosmetics

We are launching in 2022 for our exclusive Nikol Cosmetics Newsletter members’ secret sales throughout the year. If you are not on our Newsletter, now is the time to SIGN UP on our home page. You will see it at the very bottom! We don’t send out tons of emails, only content-rich emails with back-in-stock announcements, new Fierce Aging videos, new product launches, etc. You can consider these sale codes like “Pop Up” sales or “Flash Sales.” They will not be announced anywhere else on social only to the gorgeous women on the Newsletter list. Being a part of my community is a great way to pick up the latest product launch or our newly designed heated eyelash curler that will be launching this year before anyone else can get their hands on it. I have special surprises in store for you this year, so I hope to see you on our Newsletter list.

Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

Nikol Cosmetics Eyeshadow: Not Over Looked | Lip Gloss: Upgrade



Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

Embellished Crystal Heels: Oscar de la Renta

Nikol Johnson Beauty Expert

Vintage Chanel Pink Jacket Spring 1994 Collection

Seeing 2022 Through Rose Colored Glasses

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” ~Audrey Hepburn

My YouTube Series called Fierce Aging has opened up casting for 2022. Are you a woman over fifty that would like to share her beauty and life with my audience? Do you have a life challenge you have overcome? Do you want to inspire other women to keep pushing on in this life and see the beauty of age? If so, we want to hear from you. Please send an email to our casting department with the following information:

  1. Why do you want to be on Fierce Aging?
  2. Are you a current customer of NiKOL Cosmetics?
  3. What is your beauty struggle(s)?
  4. Your City and State?
  5. Submit 2 Selfies, one with makeup and one without makeup.
  6. Send your email to [email protected]

*Please note we cannot get back to everyone who submits to our series.

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Comments (7)

  • First things first….of course, I LOVE your products! Your YouTube vids pulled me out of my pandemic funk and made me want to look and feel human (and pretty) again! I’ve mentioned this before in a previous comment but I must reiterate — my Mom (my biggest critic-in a positive way) said that I’ve never looked prettier because of your products. (If you ever feel low, remember this!) Secondly, last month, my son married and I strutted your eye makeup and lipstick/gloss. He hugged me SO hard and said, “You look BEAUTIFUL!” I felt beautiful thanks to YOU! As far as your palm background – I’m a beach bum from Louisiana, so I love it! AND I feel that your beautiful rose background is PERFECT for a fresh start which we all could use! Thank you for all of your hard work, Nikol. I can’t stress enough how much I/we appreciate the work it takes to create your beautiful YouTube environment for we viewers. We feel like you’re one of us and your sweet soul is a big bonus. Keep up the great work! You’re the Bold, Beautiful, Unapologetic Bomb!

    Terry Hendrix
  • Hi Nikol what a brand new year . Thank you always for be so inspiring . I love all the pink . This month I will be turning 60 and totally embracing my new journey. My mantra is all about space and grace lots of kindness. Also all about glam and pink and lots of pink.. It makes me feel blissful and so happy.

    Christine dehaan
  • Dear Nikol,
    Happy rose new year!
    Thank you so much for your amazing first video in 2022. I will try to do the wonderful homework.
    1. Be kind
    2. Be positive
    3. Have a sense of humor

    Greetings from Spain!

    P.S. One of my purposes in 2022 is to practice my English and today I have started with your great videos and blog, the best start I could choose!

    María José

  • What is the name of your rose and peony wallpaper?

    • Hi Meg, go on Amazon and google Peony peel and stick wallpaper that should pull it up.

  • Love your videos,Nikol.Makes me feel good and happy

    Stephanie Powell
  • Hi Nikol I happened to stumble on your Web Site about 2 months ago. I found you to be very informative and inspirational along with being very very attractive. I just love watching your new blogs as they come out. Love love the new Roses . Just beautiful.

    Lynne Berkman

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