Sizzling Summer Time with Xtreme Lashes

Sizzling Summer Time with Xtreme Lashes

Sizzling Summer Time with Xtreme Lashes - Lash extensions

Now that summer is here I am receiving so many calls to book Xtreme Lashes for the summer, my new and existing clients love the fact they don’t have to deal with mascara all over their face this hot and sizzling summer. I couldn’t agree more. Why do all of that when you can get semi permanent lashes that last up to 3-4 weeks before you need a fill. I had a new client in today that is headed to the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic for a wedding, she wanted to have her eyes pop but at the same time be very low maintenance while traveling. Cindy picked Xtreme Lashes as her choice for semi permanent lashes. As you can see from the before and after pictures below, Cindy has very light and thin lashes, the key here is to apply the appropriate length and amount of glue. I used Black J-curl for the 7mm and the C-curl for 8mm and 9mm and the Ultra glue. Her natural lash is around a 6mm-7mm so I picked a length just 2 mm longer than her natural lash for the optimum wear ability. This lash application took just under 1 hour and 15 minutes. Cindy looks amazing with her Xtreme Lashes. Now Cindy’s eyes POP and she is excited that she can swim, spa and workout with her new lashes. We can’t wait to see pictures from her adventure.  Sizzling Summer Time with Xtreme LashesBEFORE Sizzling Summer Time with Xtreme LashesAFTER WITH XTREME LASHES

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