Skin Care How To Video Series

Skin Care How To Video Series

Skin Care How To Video Series

How many times have you gone to the department store or to CVS on a mission to find a skin care regimen that will work for your skin, only to have no clue where to start?  I have created a nine part series of Skin Care Regimens for AM and PM to help you have a visual step by step tutorial and to recommend the right products for your skin type or skin issues. I am starting off my series with a skin care routine geared toward Adult Acne.  More and more of my clients come in and are surprised by their adult acne.  I tell my clients once you get on a high quality product and stop mixing and matching all kind of brands you will see your skin improve.  I hope you enjoy the skin care videos coming up, you can purchase these products in my Fresh Beauty Studio online store or you can go to Control Corrective to discover more fabulous products.



Products Used In This Video are all from Control Corrective Skin Care

Salicylic Wash 2%

Balancing Tonic

Acne Treatment Cream

Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30

Clear Med 5%

O2 Med

Hydrant Stabilizer

Collagen Eye Defense

Skin Care How To Video Series

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