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Slay in Your Blacklane-Stressfree Holiday Shopping

This holiday season I have been extremely busy with my recent book launch, seeing clients in the studio and decorating our new home. Of course, I left my shopping to the last minute, and if I am sincere I haven’t been very on top of making my holiday gift list a priority, so I am really behind the eight ball this season. If you haven’t been to South Florida around the holidays, it’s jammed packed with tourists and crazy drivers, so my love of shopping goes to the bottom of the list. This year I wanted to slay my shopping trip in style and uplevel my experience.

Blacklane a professional chauffeur service reached out to me to experience a first-class driver for my holiday shopping trip. How could I turn that down? First class service, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a personal driver at my beck and call? YES!!!!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been brainstorming on ways I could make getting all my holiday shopping done more efficiently and not be left stressed out and utterly depleted. I loathe trying to find a parking space a million miles away from the store, blisters on my feet from walking from one end of the mall to the other and carrying all the packages trying to squeeze by the crowds. You might be thinking what’s the big deal it’s just another car service not so fast gorgeous Blacklane not only services more than three hundred cities worldwide but they provide professional ground transportation at the lowest rates across the globe.

All Blacklane chauffeurs are licensed, insured and regulated. There are no hidden surprises when you book your ride. All the rates are all-inclusive and confirmed before you book (taxes, tolls, and gratuities). Just in case I feel like I am not up for dealing with all the psycho shopping I have a free cancellation up until one hour before my one-way ride or twenty-four hours before my hourly booking.

Scheduling is ultra easy from a couple clicks on my desktop to an easy to navigate app on my phone. Once I booked, I received an email confirmation with my driver’s name and phone number and the location I requested to be picked up. I also received a text message letting me know what time my driver Robert would arrive. Once my driver arrived I received a second confirmation text message. Talk about communication; I am in love. You have a couple of options when it comes to the level of service you would like to book from business class, business van/SUV to first class.

I decided to take full advantage of not having to drive in holiday traffic and fit a business lunch into my shopping day, not only did I arrive relaxed, on time and ready to review my contract but I got to enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne with my client. After a full day of checking off all the gifts I needed to purchase, enjoying a productive business lunch I asked myself why in the world would I ever want to drive myself again?

In my champagne bubble, I would hire a driver every morning to take me to the studio with a small detour to DryBar.

 Escada Suit, Clutch, Blouse {past season similar below}, Shoes

Photography by: Rick Gomez Photography

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