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Summer Must-Have Beauty

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Summer’s in South Florida are a mix of hot, humid and blistering days. My skin, hair and makeup products need to be curated specifically for the scorching days of summer. As you can see from my milky white skin I am not a big fan of the sun and for obvious reasons. Sun damage, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation do I need to say more? Each summer I pick out sunscreen that has multiple benefits from high SPF to unique features such as a metallic shimmer.

Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography has an incredible beauty department both online and in store. I like to shop online since my travel schedule has me more in the air than on the ground. I bought a bunch of summer beauty products from that all have specific jobs to keep me looking my best and protecting my skin and hair. I was excited because some of these products I have had on my beauty wishlist and had no idea I could order them from I was impressed that I received the lowest prices and 2-day free shipping on qualifying orders over $35.

First up is a chemical-free mineral sunscreen in “Sparkling Rose” metallic shimmer with broad spectrum SPF 30. You know what drew me to this product, right? Yes! The sparkling rose. I thought it would be a fun spin on my summer sunscreen having a little shimmery radiance. This SPF sunscreen has a nice consistency and smells amazing. It is not greasy or heavy, but you do need to work it into the skin a little longer than a chemical sunscreen because of the Titanium Dioxide. After applying I saw a very light shimmer on my legs, this is a great product to use if you want to see a little sheen but not glitter. I can’t say enough good things about this product from gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, TSA approved you name it this product knocked it out of the park for me.

Mineral Sunscreen lotion “Sparkling Rose” metallic shimmer broad spectrum SPF 30

Hydration is key to keeping my skin looking fantastic during the summer. I love facial mists no matter if I am running a couple of miles with Frenchie or I am sitting in my car. I spritz a facial mist all day long and I see such a difference with the level of hydration my skin retains. I found a soothing facial mist made with real rose water AND without parabens, dyes, and silicones. You can see I was on a roll with my clean beauty shopping.

Soothing Facial Mist made with real rose water
So refreshing
Love the real rose water

I had fun testing out some of these new products that were on my list that I had not tried before. One of the products was a protective texture spray for my hair. If you have seen some of my YouTube hair videos, you know I am always struggling with keeping my hair from frizzing and protecting my hair from heat damage. I decided to buy a product called “The Bodyguard” not because it reminded me of Whitney Houston but because it offers 24-hour humidity shield, 450-degree thermal defense, body, shine and a light hold. I find it to be ultra important to have a touchable finish to your hair when you are out and about in the summer time. Heat Protectant for the hair is another product that offers that is free of all the nasty ingredients from Petrolatum, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Gluten. I love that it is infused with sea botanical extracts and has a UV filter.

Love that this protective texture spray has a UV filter and 24-hour humidity shield
My beauty round-up from
The Bodyguard | Loose Face Powder | Ultra Light SPF 55 | Soothing Facial Mist | Sparkling Rose Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 | Summer Nail Polish | Dry Shampoo

It might seem weird that I powder my face when at the beach but I am generally under an umbrella so looking completely sweaty is not the look I want to present to the world. After I put on my sunscreen, I will take a little loose powder with my beauty blender and press the ultralight powder into my skin. I use the beauty blender dry for this application, and I feel a little more like myself after a touch of powder.

One of my favorite summer beauty secrets is to put all my products in an insulated bag. Keeping my products cool like my facial mist and sunscreen feels so good when I apply them in the sweltering heat. Don’t forget to hydrate all day long. I bring along with me a large plastic infusion pitcher that I fill with cut lemons.

Pitcher with infuser | Don’t forget to pack your plastic stemless wine glasses!
Insulated Bag for beauty products love this one here and here also
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