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I find it interesting to think back on what really made me seek out Susan Church, the best permanent makeup educator/trainer in the USA, book a flight out to Los Angeles back in 2011 and want to add permanent makeup to my esthetic practice. I see over 20 clients a week for Xtreme Lashes, I am particularly close to my clients faces under a magnifying lamp so you can image how detailed I get to see skin, previous permanent makeup etc. It’s really not that complicated, I was tired of seeing sub par work walk into my studio day after day. I knew I could do a better job at making these women look natural and solving their beauty issues.

It crossed my mind that “Maybe that’s the way permanent makeup is supposed to look?” “Why is it that the permanent makeup is the only thing I see on her face?” I thought about it long and hard if I really wanted to study this type of procedure. I didn’t like what I was seeing and I knew there had to be a way to make permanent makeup look natural where no one would know you had it done. Another driving force was that my traditional makeup washes off after 12 hours so if my client has alopecia, sight issues where she can no longer put on eyeliner or recovering from cancer, traditional makeup just won’t cut it.

To get a little background on where I studied go to The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC) or to see a video of  Susan Church performing an advanced technique of permanent makeup called brow stroke simulation on me click here.

I feel that my calling in life is to be doing exactly what I am doing, making women look good and feel better. Today was a special day in the studio with one of my newer clients Patricia*.  Patricia just relocated to South Florida with her husband and found me through Xtreme Lashes.  You would have no idea that Patricia had just gone through breast cancer and a double mastectomy.  She’s a spunky women sporting a very chic looking short crop, I had no idea that it wasn’t by choice that she had that hair cut. When I found out what Patricia had been through over the past year battling breast cancer, radiation and chemotherapy, loss of hair etc. I wanted to offer the gift of natural brows to her for a bright new 2014.

I was trained in the technique of 3D brows/brow stroke simulation for a natural realistic looking brow using three custom colors. I started out taking pictures of what Patricia’s brows look like with nothing on them then showing you the final outcome of her gorgeous eyebrows. We decided to go thinner with her brows since she is not used to seeing herself with brows. We can always add more color but you can’t take it away.
You are seeing the actual pictures taken before and immediately after. You will see some blood, lymph and redness in these pictures,  all of this will subside within 24 hours. The brows are ALWAYS darker immediately after the procedure, this is what usually freaks everyone out. Please remember when working with pigments in the skin, your skin will go through three phases; first your skin will heal then peel and finally fade. When working with such a fine needle you do not have that much peeling as you would normally expect with a body tattoo. Permanent makeup is a two part series, in four weeks Patricia has the opportunity to come back into the studio to refine her brows.

Natural Right Brow close up after chemotherapy

Picture on the far left is of Patricia’s natural brow. Picture on the right is what her brows look like after the permanent makeup.


Top picture natural brows after chemotherapy. Bottom picture of both brows after advance technique of 3D brows.

Right brow before and after on the bottom. Top picture of both brows with natural permanent makeup.

If you would like to know if permanent makeup is right for you contact the studio at 954-537-1772 or email

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