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Sweetheart Nails - February is all about love, pink, hearts and fantasy

Sweetheart Nails – February Is All About Love, Pink, Hearts And Fantasy

I am obsessed with Essie nail polishes I can’t get enough of their new colors or my favorite colors that seem to change each week. I was inspired to paint my nails this “pop” of pink for the month of February since February is all about love, pink, hearts and fantasy. The color is called “Mod Squad” it’s not a new color but a staple in my Essie collection. One of my girlfriends and I basically talk in code when asking each other what color we should wear to an event. Our conversation goes something like “What do you think? “Cluch me if you can” or “Sole Mate”?” we know exactly what we are talking about but to an outsider I am sure it sounds very strange. I just ordered 6 new delicious polishes from Essie the other day.  I will be doing a review on my YouTube channel this month so stay tuned.

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