Tanning Butler? Yes Ladies that’s right!

Tanning Butler? Yes Ladies that’s right!

Tanning Butler? Yes Ladies that's right! Ritz Carlton South Beach

While I was doing a little research for my upcoming girls weekend in Las Vegas, I remembered that I read somewhere that there was a Tanning Butler at the Ritz Carlton South Beach, my mind started wondering thinking “Does Vegas have a super hot tanning butler?” then I thought like it matters in Vegas, every hot guy turns out to be your tanning butler which is a nice perk but anyway back to my real Tanning Butler story. This article below is by Melanie Nayer she wrote a great article I wanted to share with you.

Oh, hellooooo, Mr. Tanning Butler.  Tanning Butler? Yes Ladies that's right!

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to your favorite beach accessory. He strolls Ritz-Carlton’s South Beach pool and beach area during peak tanning hours with one purpose: to apply sunscreen to those hard-to-reach shoulder and back areas.

You can flag him down every weekend from 12 noon to 4 p.m. and ask him to layer on the Hampton Sun tanning products. The Tanning Butler travels with an Evian spritzer to help you cool down, and will even clean off those spots on your sunglasses. Whether you need SPF 10 or SPF 100, he’s got it and will offer you a complimentary rub-down… err, sunscreen application, while you enjoy your day in the sun.

“This modern twist on the English butler is beyond guests’ expectations,” said Michelle Payer, creator of The Tanning Butler. “It’s a light-hearted service we created to cater to our guests as they sunbathe by providing an unexpected, luxury service they won’t see anywhere else in the world,” she said.

We completely agree, Michelle! (And may I just say, bravo, Ritz-Carlton. You rarely disappoint, but this little luxury certainly tops the list of favorite hotel amenities.)

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