The Meaning Behind NiKOL Cosmetics | Fall Preview

The Meaning Behind NiKOL Cosmetics | Fall Preview

We all know this year has been one for the books, I have been through the roller coaster of emotions from being fine one day to being totally down the rabbit hole another. I have implemented things I should have been doing years ago like a morning meditation ritual and beefing up on my nutrition, vitamins, and work out routine.

The Meaning Behind NiKOL Cosmetics
Eye Shadow Palette in “Choices” | Lipstick in Big Play | Lip Gloss in “NiKOL” | BB Cream in Light | Eyeliner in “Cactus” | Lip Liner in “Sand” | Top Oscar de la Renta

I almost feel the word COVID-19 and Pandemic are dirty words. Nothing about those two words brings any positivity or joy quite the contrary, I must say. Every morning for the last almost six months, I have sat in my Florida room, a bright, cheery room with floor to ceiling windows thinking about what content will be valuable to you. Creating my fall line for NiKOL Cosmetics was such a great distraction. We all have had our moments of not wearing makeup during this life-changing event or washing our hair, but where did that get us? Feeling unkept, not ourselves, and out of sorts.

Fresh Beauty Studio
Wearing Eye Shadow Palette “Choices” a rich bronzy color palette

There is power in cosmetics, bright or muted color, taking care of yourself, and/or experimenting with new looks. The Pandemic has forced me to be Relentless with my positive thoughts, understanding I have Choices in life and Persistent waking up to make my sunrise shoots each morning. These names I just called out are the base of my Fall Nikol Cosmetic Launch. I want you to feel deeply moved by your morning makeup ritual. There is amazing power in feeling beautiful, feeling put together, and giving yourself the permission to just Let Go (another name for Fall) and enjoy applying makeup.

The Meaning Behind NiKOL Cosmetics
Pants St John | Top Oscar de la Renta

Life is heavy right now, but we have the opportunity to Show Up full of life, positivity, and hope. When we look good, we not only feel better but more confident. I can’t wait for you to experience my Fall Cosmetic Collection and I will have tons of makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel featuring my Fall Collection. Let’s celebrate our age, life, and taking it day by day.

NiKOL Cosmetics
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