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The White Purse You Will Want For Spring!

For the past year and a half, I have been curating my closet. I wanted a closet that I could walk into and be happy with every single item that was hanging on the rack. I sold most of my clothes that I was ready to part with on PoshMark and then added new designer pieces from The RealReal. If you don’t know what either of these fantastic apps can do for your life, you need to get on it girl like NOW.

Kate Spade Coat, Leather Pants (Vintage), Louboutin Pumps, Purse,  Versace Sunglasses,  Theory Turtleneck Photo Credit; Rick Gomez Photography

I buy off the rack very rarely as you can see from how I style most of my photo shoots. I love unique pieces like this Kate Spade houndstooth lightweight coat purchased from The RealReal. I gravitate toward items that are not current and have history to them (remember my shoot in the St. John two-piece knit pantsuit in the Bentley)? I bought that little gem of an outfit in Palm Beach at one of my favorite consignment stores.

To pull any outfit together you need the right accessories. It’s hard to find a white purse that will go with everything in your spring wardrobe. It can’t be too large, too small too busy, etc. This white purse I am featuring in this photoshoot is not only perfect as your go-to neutral purse, but it’s being discontinued and is on sale right now. If you don’t have a staple white purse for the upcoming spring/summer season I highly recommend you click your way over to this website and snag one before they are gone forever.


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