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TATCHA Skin Care Review

Keeping your skin beautiful while traveling is one of my primary goals. I take my flying adventures as opportunities to test out new beauty products.  Recently I took a short trip to Denver, Colorado.  An unusually rough trip in the means of my skin. I flew into Denver at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night then flew right out the next night on a red-eye.  I wasn’t even in Denver for twenty-four hours. Yikes, now that’s packing in some dehydrating cross country air miles.

I received the Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit this summer and was very intrigued by the Tatcha Story. Tatcha is a luxury skincare line inspired by Geisha beauty rituals.

My interest and exposure to Japanese culture runs deep. I grew up listening to my Dad tell me stories of his time in Okinawa, Japan during the war. I have watched him meticulously trim and defoliate his Bonsai plants and grow an impressive orchid collection.  I have accompanied him each year to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens annual festival.  Did I mention my rock garden gifts throughout the years? It’s clear that my Dad fell in love with Japan, it’s culture and the serene lifestyle. I don’t want to leave my Mom out of this post; her Japanese influence comes in the form of Japanese art and dolls. As an artist, my Mother has been painting Japanese doll faces ever since I can remember. So together I have had insights on Japanese culture and history.


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I was thrilled that The Ritual Discovery Kit was a two-week introduction to Tatcha’s four-step skin care ritual. When I travel I deal with stress, dehydrating flight air and different climates. My skin really takes a beating so I wanted to test out products that were not going to be aggressive on my skin. The kit includes The Cleansing Oil, Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, Deep Brightening Serum and a Moisture Rich Silk Cream all in convenient travel sizes.

I started with the One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. I have been a huge fan of cleansing oils for years now I have mentioned them on my beauty channel and throughout my blog. I am a dedicated oil cleansing girl for multiple reasons, one being that it melts away even waterproof makeup.  This cleansing oil is a beautiful blend of camellia and rice bran oils. I felt that it left my skin hydrated, supple and exceptionally clean but not at all dry. I liked that this cleansing oil does not contain mineral oil. I don’t feel like I have a waxy film over my face when rinsing the product off, and it’s for all skin types.

Next I used the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, I am not always a huge fan of mixing products that are water-activated, I kept an open mind plus I didn’t have anything else to use. I didn’t find the mixing of the rice powder and water a messy project in fact I found it to be very simple. This powder formulated with water-activated enzyme powder of rice bran, papaya + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. Remember when I said before that I can not use harsh skin care products when I travel? Well, this enzyme exfoliates without any harsh abrasives for baby-soft skin. Not only did my skin feel soft but it felt smooth. I am used to using rough exfoliants when I am at home. It was refreshing to feel my skin smooth, plump and not red from a milder exfoliant.

Following exfoliating my skin, I was excited to infuse the Deep Brightening Serum that is your ticket to a bright more radiant looking skin. My skin was more than happy to be fed this powerhouse hydrating serum with time-tested Asian botanicals + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. Immediately after applying the serum my skin did not feel tacky or heavy a make or break test for me. I am not a fan of tacky skin after applying serums.

And finally the cream I couldn’t wait to try the Moisture Rich Silk Cream. I think it’s something about the word silk in the description that makes me envision my skin looking flawless like a Geisha. I love moisture rich creams so much that I can’t go to bed without slathering one all over my face. Consistency of the product is a weightless gel-cream formulation packed with squalane, royal jelly + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex.  I didn’t find this cream to be heavy at all. It’s ideal for oily and normal/combination skin.


I did my little cleansing ritual in the airport bathroom before my red-eye flight that was a bit odd to say the least. I honestly didn’t care; I wanted my skin to be as clean and hydrated as possible before I stepped on that flight.

{Doing my Tatcha Beauty Ritual at the Airport}

No makeup, clean skin and ready to take on a five-hour flight. I hope this TATCHA Skin Care Review helps you.

My crazy Denver Colorado Trip ending with No Makeup just a clean and hydrated skin.


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