Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail LacquerUlta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

Deep sexy nail colors are so prevalent this fall from luxe lines to not so luxe but Hey! polish is just polish right? Wrong, there is a big difference between .99 cents polishes from NYC to ultra flashy Chanel polishes for $27. I do find it hard to pull out my wallet for Chanel/Dior/YSL at $27+ a pop  don’t get me wrong, I have and have loved every minute of buying these bad boys but I am always thinking I need to wear the color for the next 100 days to justify my purchase (how crazy is that?).

I love this time of year where we are just getting into fall, New York Fashion Week is in full swing and dark nail polishes are hitting the shelves. To kick off this week I have on  Ulta Beauty nail polish brand in Femme Fatale-a rich shimmery eggplant nail lacquer on sale now for $2.00. I took the first picture in the sun so you can see the actual color and shimmer, the second picture is in studio.

Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquar in Femme Fatale

Ulta Beauty-Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer

The good thing about this polish is that it is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP the down side is that it’s not an easy application which I find common with cheap nail polishes. My first coast was not so bad but on the second coat the brush would hold too much polish, started looking thick and would glob on my nails making for a sloppy second coat. You know how bad that looks when you are wearing a dark color. This doesn’t mean that all cheap nail polishes are horrible you just have to find a brand that is easy to apply and gives you the finish you are looking for without stress.

Would I buy Ulta salon formula nail lacquer again? probably not, I would rather put my money towards a line that has rocking hot colors this fall like  Butter London or Deborah Lippman. More to come on these two fabulous lines soon.

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