Wear More Cashmere

Wear More Cashmere

Wear More Cashmere! By Beauty Expert Nikol Johnson

Wear More Cashmere

I love reading books that are fun, girly and give great advise. I was looking through my library last week trying to decide on a great book to take on the plane to Las Vegas. I already had my business books packed and knew I needed just a little self improvement/beauty book to keep it simple and fun.  I came across and forgot I had this fabulous book “Wear More Cashmere” by Jennifer “Gin” Sander.  If you were keeping up with my Facebook page www.facebook.com/freshbeautystudio you will see my post  “I just ordered a “Niktini” so delish. What is a Niktini you ask? Well, my signature drink of course! A little tip from this girly book.

It’s a small indulgence to name a drink after yourself and unique. This book gives you great advise on 151 luxurious ways to pamper your inner princess. It’s all about creating a more glamorous world for yourself.

Feel Special

Look Special

Be Special

Girls you are worth it, hold your head high and walk into that presentation, date, lounge with 100% confidence.

Wear More Cashmere

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