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What Permanent Makeup Can Do For You

Permanent Makeup

What Permanent Makeup Can Do For You

I was excited when I had my micro pigmentation consultation with Emily last week.  Listening to Emily’s concerns about her high anxiety on having to draw in her brows every morning or making sure that by the end of the day she still had brows made her the perfect client for permanent makeup.  These are concerns I hear with all my permanent makeup clients.  I listened to Emily’s concerns and created a sample brow with a brow pencil first so she could see what her brows should look like according to her bone structure.  From the first picture below you will see how Emily’s brows looked like when she drew them on and first came to the studio.  The second picture is what Emily’s natural brows look like with no pencil. Pictures three through five show you the results of using the brow stroke micro pigmentation advanced technique.  I preformed this procedure using a #1 needle and three custom pigments.  It was important to create depth and contrast since Emily did not have any hair.  You will see how the brow hair strokes look natural and compliment Emily’s bone structure.  It is amazing the transformation that micro pigmentation does for my clients. They no longer have to stress or worry that their brows are going to wipe off or happen to disappear at work, the beach or on vacation.  It will change your life not having to spend hours drawing on your brows or stressing about the shape, perfect arch etc.  For more information on your permanent makeup consultation, please contact the studio.

This is how my client drew her eyebrows on before Permanent Makeup

Emily’s Natual Brows

PMU Brow Hair Strokes by Nikol Johnson

Before Permanent Makeup

Beautiful Natural looking brows with Permanent Makeup

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