What’s The Trick?

What’s The Trick?

What's The Trick?

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Have you ever used the small plastic makeup applicators that come in an eyeshadow palette? You know the ones from the drugstore or even when you buy a Chanel or Lancome eyeshadow? You try to apply the eyeshadow color and wonder why your makeup doesn’t look like the ad campaign or better yet try and create a, if you don’t have the right ingredients, you will never get that chocolate souffle to rise properly.

Makeup brushes are the key to applying makeup like a pro. As a professional multi media makeup artist I have tried hundreds of makeup brushes throughout my 17 year career, some I love and some I can’t stand. When you find brushes that you love and are easy to work with you will dramatically change how your makeup looks. I find seeing brushes in action and how they apply color, liner, blush and foundation the real key to understanding how each brush is used and what kind of effect is produces. I use tons of makeup brushes in my YouTube Makeup Tutorials from all different brands. The one brand that I keep close at hand when creating my makeup looks both for my beauty videos and my personal day to day makeup is Sigma Brushes. I find that these brushes are high quality, do not shed when I wash them and preform beautifully on myself and my clients.

I recently purchased their Premium Professional Kit   which includes 15 brushes expertly designed so you can ease through your makeup application. It comes in a zipper like book to keep your brushes intact and easy to transport.

What's The Trick? What's The Trick? What's The Trick? What's The Trick?

The Sigma Beauty Premium Kit contains fifteen signature quality brushes for the face, eyes and lips. These brushes are unique, versatile and the perfect addition to complete your brush collection or to start out with a complete brush set.  Brushes Included are some of my favorite from the E35 tapered blending which gives you a controlled application of crease color and the F25 Tapered Face  which gives you exact product placement on the face. 
Check out how I use these Sigma brushes on my YouTube Beauty Channel and SAVE 10% by using FALL2013 when you place your Sigma Beauty Brush Order

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