Whish Body Product Review

Whish Body Product Review

Whish Body Product Review

I find it extremely difficult to find body products that don’t have a bunch of toxic chemicals, additives and synthetic fragrance in them.  I am always researching for the best body care products on the market that are free of sulfates, parabens, TEA & DEA, petrochemicals. Do you see what I am saying here? Get the nasty’s out and I will slather it on my body.

I found a body company called Whish Body Product and immediately contacted them to find out more about their products.  Whish has a special story behind their name and how the company even came into existence (you can read it here).  I have been trying out four of their products and I have to say I don’t have to wish for amazing body products anymore, my Whish has come true (a little cliché but what the heck it’s Saturday).

Whish Body Product Review

Whish Body Wash in Pomegranate and Body Scrub in Blueberry.

What really intrigued me with this body line was that their products are: Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, TEA & DEA Free, and Petrochemical Free and they are all natural.  They use organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible. I have been using the Pomegranate Body Wash and it smells delightful. It’s not harsh or drying and leaves my skin ultra-moisturized.  This body wash lathers, and you can use it in your tub for a long moisturizing and detoxing bath.

Now, when it comes to body scrubs it seems to be a challenge to find one that is not super greasy.  I am not a big fan of lots of oils in the shower, creating a slip and slide situation if you will.  I received the Blueberry Sugar Scrub which is wonderful if you like blueberries.  I am not a huge blueberry fan but I love the composition of the scrub.  This sugar scrub uses a combination of organic sugar cane, brown sugar, and antioxidant-loaded raspberry seeds and bamboo powder.  This sugar scrub will polish you up in no time even on sensitive skin.

Whish Body Product Review

Three Whishes Sugar Scrub in Blueberry.

Now instead of oils like most sugar scrubs use, Three Whishes Sugar Scrub uses a base of organic beeswax along with Organic Aloe, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Raspberry Butter. It’s more creamy than gritty and a little bit goes a long way.

Whish Body Product Review

Whish Body Butter in Coconut.


The Body Butter is a dream come true. I am using the Coconut butter and each time I use it I drift off to some exotic island. If you like a real moisturizing body butter that is not greasy this is your savior.  I have been using it after I shave my legs.  It softens and smooth’s my skin and for an added bonus it’s firming and replenishing my skin with its unique triple antioxidant based formula.


Whish Body Product Review

Whish Restoring Body Oil in Almond.

Last but not least is the Restoring Body Oil  the aroma that I am using is almond, its my ultimate favorite.  I am not only using it on my body I am also using it on my nails.  I give myself weekly manicures and I use this restoring oil in my water that I soak my cuticles.  The almond aroma is very soothing to me.  This unique body oil has fabulous key ingredients from globuria cordifolia callus extract that increases skin luminance, sesame seed oil for some fine skin firming and olive leaf extract and green tea leaf for moisturizing parched skin.

Now my body WHISHES for smoother, more vibrant moisturized skin have been granted.

Whish body products are available online at Whish or Ulta Beauty. I hope this Whish Body Product Review is helpful to you.

Whish Body Product Review

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