Why I Don’t Do Microblading

Why I Don’t Do Microblading

Why I Don't Do Microblading

The number one reason why I don’t do Microblading is that I don’t believe in it. I feel that it’s a subpar way of doing permanent makeup. It’s that simple ladies. I have seen one too many women walk into my studio with botched Microblading procedures. The two-day classes for Microblading are a joke, spitting out uneducated artists by the dozen that are not equipped or knowledgeable to do an advanced invasive procedure.

Most of these “artists” do not know the anatomy of the skin, the depth that the needle needs to go into the skin, stretch, pressure, bio-hazard guidelines the list goes on. If you are only looking at the price well, I wish you luck. This is not a procedure you book because of a low price, Groupon or special. There is a lot at stake and so much that could go wrong if you trust someone that is not certified.

I filmed this video because many potential clients are calling the studio asking for ‘Microblading” not knowing what Microblading is or what they are asking. They have not researched the procedure and are going only off of what they see on Instagram. That is NOT the way you should approach permanent makeup. I explain in the video what the difference is between Microblading and Permanent Makeup; I tell you how I deal with each client from start to finish starting with their permanent makeup consultation to their eyebrow or eyeliner procedure. I show you before and after pictures of my work and what you should be asking the artist BEFORE you book your appointment.

Knowledge is power, and I want you to know what you are getting yourself into before you come in for your permanent makeup procedure.

You only get one chance to get it right make sure you are putting your face in the right hands. Not all microblade or permanent makeup botched procedures can be corrected. You don’t want to end up trying to “fix” a procedure that is permanent.

Why I Don't Do Microblading

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