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Xtreme Lashes goes to the Abacos Islands

Xtreme Lashes goes to the Abacos Islands - Eyelash Extensions

When you think of the Aboacos Islands you think tropical, calm seas and delicious exotic drinks. My client Elle came into the studio last night for a full set of Xtreme Lashes for her upcoming trip to the Abacos Islands. Elle wanted to have full lush lashes for her trip to the islands that will be full of diving, swimming and going out on the town and didn’t want to worry about mascara running down her face when she made the famous Bo Derek’s slow motion run out of the ocean. I used C-Curl thick on Elle starting with 8mm in the inner corners to give her a natural start to her Xtreme Lash line. I then used 9,10,11,12mm also in C-Curl thick with Xtreme Ultra glue tapering down at the ends with 10mm. The look was natural with “Pumped up volume and thickness” for Elle’s lash line. You don’t want to get carried away with the length when you are going to be outside in the water and doing a lot of activities. Elle is excited to show off her new look this coming week on her tropical vacation and that, Oh so very cute polka dot bikini.



Close up of right eye After

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