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You Get What You Pay For!

Lash Extensions - You Get What You Pay For - Nikol Johnson

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for” there is no other way to explain this when it comes to Lash Extensions.  There is such a huge misunderstanding as to what “Lash Extensions” really are. I have done many corrective Xtreme Lash applications as you can see from my blog and here I am writing again about another client that I had yesterday in the studio.  Jennifer came in with extremely damaged lashes from a prior “lash extension” application. I put lash application in quotes because there are so many nail salons among others that are claiming that they are doing lash extensions but in reality are putting on clusters of false lashes with weave glue, nail glue or some other damaging glue not made for your eyes.  Do you think you are getting the same quality and expertise if you are paying $75-$150 for a full set?  On average to get a real, wearable long lasting full set of Xtreme Lashes your investment is between $350-$450.  The clients that have had the horrible experience of  their lashes breaking off, falling out or have had to deal with major eye infections now know the importance of going to a certified lash stylist such as myself.  Xtreme Lashes is my main service at Fresh Beauty Studio,  mastering the application takes dedication and to be quite frank an obsessive type A personality.   I would like to direct you to the Xtreme Lash website to get the facts straight and know what lash extensions really are. You should be asking the following questions before you ever step foot into a salon, spa or studio to get a lash application.

  1. What kind of glue do you use?
  2. Do you have different lengths of lashes?
  3. What are the lengths you use?
  4. Do you use C-Curl or J-Curls?
  5. Do I lay down for the application or do I sit in a chair (they are not Xtreme Lashes or lash extensions if you are in a chair)
  6. What brand of lashes/products do you use?
  7. Do you have samples of your work that I can see?
  8. How long have you been a lash stylist?
  9. Where did you do your training?
  10. How many lash applications do you do a week?

This is a very detailed blog showing you the damaging effects of what most nail salons say are ‘lash extensions’.  I want to point out to all you Beauties that when you receive an Xtreme Lash application you should not feel a thing, it was very disturbing to hear that Jennifer was in a lot of pain when she went to the nail salon for her lashes. She said “It was very painful, it was like something kept poking me in the eye and my eyes burned and hurt for days after”.  Do your research girls, and know the background, training, how many lash applications she/he does a week. This is not something you just wing it and do, research find a certified Xtreme Lash stylist (you can find an Xtreme certified lash stylist on the directory anywhere in the country  and do not, I repeat do not go to anyone that can not show you samples of their work PERIOD.

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